Friday, April 29, 2016

Let's Make Music

Let's learn to build this app that will help compose some music

When you use a real musical instrument like a piano and try to compose a tune you only go in one direction (forward). If you have to change the tune or parts of it you have start back over. However if you are writing the music notes on paper you can visualize the music and go to any part and edit it. We are going to try and combine the two concepts such that you can compose your tune, visualize it and edit any part at any time.

What you will learn
  • Working with sound
  • Scroll view
  • Programatically adding controls
  • Lot more programming concepts

Happy composing!

Download source code here

Next tutorial

Building a chatbot

Launch your app idea

Many of you have asked me about launching your app idea without going through the learning curve. I spoke to my development team and we are willing to try this out.

  • Email me the mocks of your app (please be through) - buildanappwithme at
  • We will decide on what features will make a minimum viable product
  • The developers will launch your app in 6 weeks for $3800

About me

I decided to get back to programming after a break of 10 years and want to take you along for the ride. I'm going to start with iOS development because I carry an iPhone and it will be fun to use to the little things I create. As we improve our skills we will branch out on different platforms.

If you would like to support me, get learning and spread the word! TwitterFacebook

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